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  • 28th February
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jannikhansen36 ♥: Zack Kassian to wear number 9. Why the drama?


I woke up to reading tweets about people being upset that Zack Kassian will be wearing number 9 as a Canuck. What I dont understand, is why the drama? I loved Cody Hodgson as much as any one else, but I’ve been a hockey fan for along time and I’m mature enough to know that this shouldn’t be…

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  4. princessdanger answered: I totally agree! I mean! Yeah, we are all gonna miss Cody, but Come on guys! We need to support Kassian, he’s a Canuck now. Give him a break.
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  7. zanstorm answered: People are effing stupid.
  8. schneidz10 answered: Well put! I totally agree with everything you said! :)
  9. a-light-from-the-shadow answered: glad to see some canucks fans are taking to kass already, and sticking up for him. i’m gonna miss him, take care of badassian for us. :)
  10. veryeasilyobsessed answered: After last year i got a soft spot for the canucks. Treat Kassian right ! And this post if perfect! The numbers don’t matter!
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    When I found out that Cody Hodgson was traded I was mad at Mike Gillis and mad at Zack Kassian and then when I found out...
  12. shuswapsunrise answered: Awesome post! Finally someone who understands. My friend was making me feel guilty about liking Kassian so soon after Cody left.
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  14. melissaaa173 answered: I LOVE YOU FOR THIS POST!!!!!!!!! Lol. FINALLY!!!!!!!
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